Tuesday, May 01, 2007

From frozen wastelands to Japan!

Well now I'm sitting in Yokota, Japan. I flew up on the North Slope of Alaska for a little over 2 weeks hauling equipment back and forth for the Oil Companies. It was some though work, but I LOVED the flying. Very challenging..... We were landing on ice strips that were built on frozen lakes. Pretty incredible flying really! I was home a whole 10 hours before I had to catch a plane to Japan. I'll be here for about 2 weeks, then I'll be timed out! ("turned into a pumpkin" in aviation terms). So then I should be able to relax at home for a while.... I've been really missing my family lately. Sometimes I feel very guilty about being away so much, but there are pros and cons to any job I guess. It's not a 5-9 job by any means. The pros are that I LOVE what I do It's such an increadible job and when I'm home I'm HOME, no 9-5 job. I can just hang out with my little boy all day for 2 weeks straight, so that times pretty precious.....